Treats that last a lifetime - 2016 Dec

The Buzzart Fair at the KZNSA Gallery is always a treat for me, both in exhibiting and selling my own work, and then in spoiling myself with treasures to enjoy in my home for a lifetime to come.  

This year I bought two Tricam Prints; a lovely mandala drawn by Nindya Tricam and a beautiful drawing of the Durban Station by Nikhil Tricam.  Look them up ... their works are wonderful.

You're bound to find a unique item, hand-crafted and local-to-Durban from the fair, so if you're in the area, stop by.

You'll experience a profound difference in living with origional, hand-crafted, made-with-heart works compared with the mass-produced same-old-same in all the super-commercial shops out there.

Transcend the Present I - Mixed Media on Board - 16x12cm - SOLD

Transcend the Present II - Mixed Media on Board - 16x12cm


Isn't it interesting how we inadvertently 'match' our surroundings.  


Sienna and I stopped in to visit Maggie and to see her latest, and very lovely large landscape paintings that she has been busy with after trips across all of KwaZulu-Natal countrysides.  Her work up on the wall in the background, her kaftan dress and Siennas coat all seemed to blend beautifully.


I fetched Joan to deliver our works to the Kznsa Gallery in January for the member's exhibit. Joan had wrapped her artwork in bright orange ... see how it matches her outfit.  My work was wrapped in vialene, the colour and texture was the same as the top I was wearing.



On Thursday, I visited my friend Ana to see her latest works. Amongst many delightful sights, I was especially drawn to and enjoyed this particular painting.  Ana's apron, her blouse and her hair was perfectly tuned into this fantastic painting of hers (and isn't the light streaming in exquisite!!!!).


Enjoying beautiful artworks, and being in the company of my friends is deeply enriching. xxx

Babylon Burning - 2015, April

It's always so nice to see my works in the buyer's home.  

I visited my good friend Maria's beautiful new space that overlooks the ocean with full length windows allowing such fantastic fresh light that creates a wonderful space for this red hot burning artwork called Babylon Burning.  


Joan's Birthday


On the 1st April, we enjoyed celebrating Joan's birthday at her beautiful home ... and once again it seems (without planning I promise) we all 'match' whilst keeping our individual and very different styles :-)





 Ana de Vlieg, Joan Martin, Maggie Strachan and me :-)   




Bright happy friends ...

My friends Maggie and Joan visited me for my birthday  with prezzies that only artists would know to give to artists ) ... and as in the last two or so visits ... they're MATCHING AGAIN :-) 

So, we had to take photos ... don't they look beautiful !! 




Magical Connections

I've uploaded images of the two commissions just finished and delivered to the buyer. I LOVED doing them ... and plan to do more towards my first Solo Exhibtion ... !

You can see them here:  under the sub-gallery "Look to the Hills" or on my artist page on Facebook.

I meant to take a photo of the works up in the buyer's home ... but was dead tired and left with my camera still hanging over my shoulder, unused .... "get some rest Mellon" ... or better still, time for a holiday.

We're new 'old-friends' ... and seem to have an unbelievable synchronistic and magical connection. She'd be talking to someone about the art, and then gets an email from me and vice versa. 

On one occassion I'd literally just thought of her, mentioned her to my husband Patrick, and then within an hour bumped into her at a book launch (caught on camera by a journalist as in the photo insert)

Even how we came to meet was incredible: in 2007 she'd been given an article of my work featured in a magazine and kept track of me since. On the day she first mails me to make contact, I had been listening to the radio (which I seldom do) and hear this lady being interviewed about her clinic for epilepsy at Entabeni... and so when her email pops up in front of me I'm blown away coz I just heard her ... she was the lady on the radio!! 

We've had many more such synchronistic and magical moments in connecting. It's wonderful.




Milktarts and More Paintings Finished

I've had a productive weekend

I finished five works for Art on the Way - an annual exhibition hosted by Angie Arbuthnot in Kloof: 5th and 6th November 2011.  I've uploaded the works for you to see. You can click here to go to the Works tab to see what I've done. 

And then I baked MILK TARTS.

My son James, who turns 18 on the 4th of January, came home from visiting friends.  When he saw them in the kitchen, he grabbed and hugged me like he'd just won a massive prize ... such a small way to make him so happy :-)

The gorgeous 'forest painting' is a recent gift from my friend Ana de Vlieg ... isn't is beautiful. I'm terribly spoilt.

You can get THE RECIPE here

Read More

Two weekends ago I was in a bit of a fluster about life ... woke up on the Sunday, and .... baked, baked and baked some more.

Luckily the boys in the house are tall skinnies who enjoy my baking ... and ... my baking.




A quick Malva Pudding ... followed by Mexican Macaroons ... then a quck Mielie Bread ... and finally two batches of Muffins !!


... not sure if there's Madness in the fact that each began with the letter 'M' ... Mellon Madness ... mmm, maybe :-)

My friend Fiona Veitch Smith ... The Crafty Writer

Fiona Veitch Smith - Author and scriptwriterEvery now and then, we get to brag a bit and why not ... life's too short. Fiona and I were at school together not that long ago ;-) ... yeah right ... and as feisty and determined as she was then, she is now.

Increasingly I admire those who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in, to say it like it is ... and so for me Journalists generally rank high on my love-list. Some are awful for sure ... but Fiona's awesome.

With technology being as amazing as it is, Fiona and I re-connected via SA Connect (in the days before Facebook). Fiona had moved to the UK and I'd moved to Durban ... both origionally from Springs ... yes, yes, that far-far-away place on the East Rand.

Anyhow, Fiona wrote two articles on me/art and an armed robbery we'd just experienced ... and I have to say that reading the articles in print was both pretty much weird and wonderful.

We also recollected stories of past, including how we both got totally ill on prefect's camp ... aaarrrgg ... who'd have thought I'd be saying "the good ol' days" ... :-)

Fiona too had just been acnowledged with a fabulous award (I forget which now) for a book she'd just published called Donovan's Rainbow.

She's since written and published many more books, written a whole whack of articles, stories, screenplays and stuff for the stage ... really, she's quite something.  She hosts a teaching site for writers called The Crafty Writer

So this wonderful woman, wife, mother, freelance journalist, editior, author, playwright, screenwriter and writing teacher is also my friend. Lucky me.

You can read more about Fiona and her books on her new site here

P.S.  Fiona asked me for a painting which I've not yet finished so guess where I'm off to after finishing this here blog ... :-)

A Whole New Mind ... by Daniel H Pink

A few months ago I read this really really great business book which was referred to me by a good friend of mine, Mike Ivey. Mike and I don't always share the same taste in movies ... I loved Shadowlands (he didn't) and he loves the James Bond movie (really now, give me a break ;-)  .... but we both agree that this is a fabulously fantastic book.

Mike's in the business of consulting and coaching people and assisting business achieve their objectives through their greatest asset, the companie's 'gold' ... it's people. His company's called The Gold Digger ... and I can highly recommend them.

The book explains the current age we live in - The Conceptual Age .... The age of THE ARTIST.  It highlights the value of right brained thinking and the importance for understanding our current context.

I loved it so much that I've bought an additional three copies as gifts for others.

At the moment, my daughter Andrea's reading it .... and I highly, highly recommend anyone that has an interest in art/life/business to read it .... I LOVED IT.

Mags n Joan ... mix n match

I'm lucky in having a diverse group of friends, all of whom are fabulous. Some are seriously left brained analytical knowledge workers and others are .... rather raucous right brainers ... and then there's a whole mix of delightful in-betweeners.  

Yesterday I had a visit from artist friends Maggie Strachan, whom I call 'Mags' (but whom we refer to as 'The Magster ... I'll tell you why later) and Joan Martin, whom I call 'Joannee' ... apparantly I'm priviledged to get away with calling her this :-)

They arrived for our monthly meet in preparation for our next exhibition a Fat Tuesday.  I was tickled-pink if you'll excuse the pun, to notice that they arrived 'matching' ... so, we had to do a quick foto-shoot before we could share-n-tell about our work ... :-) 

Joan's Outfits ... :-) Two weeks ago our friend's, Fred and Joan joined us for a braai and to watch the rugby (well, the boys watched and we spoke about an exhibition that we're working on together ... ahhh so keen to tell you all about it but in Joan's words "I can't tell you about it now or I'd have to kill you" ... :-)

But getting back to Joan's outfits ... they're always intriuging and beautiful ... I had to take this foto coz as she was walking towards me, I noticed how she matched her drink and my cushions ... !


Chocolate Cake and Bread-n-Butter pudding

As a child I spent tons of time at my grandparents home ... I adored them an

d loved being in their company. My gran always baked ... and as I was ther

e to help her, I learnt the love of baking ... and as much the love of tea-partying afterwards over cups a tea n coffe

e with a slice or two of something nice ;-)

My mom too baked ... and I have great memories of her and our neighbour Aunty Esther baking what seemed like 'thousands' of biscuits.

We recently renovated our kitchen and so with the beckoning of the fab new elec/gas oven, I'll be doing whole herds more baking ... lucky family of mine ... !

Week before last I baked a scrummy chocolate cake   ... one serving over tea and it was gone. 

... and then last week, I baked a Bread n Butter pud ... totally scrummy !


Fab Artist Friends


How sad when you just make a new great, fab Artist friend and then they're off "back home to Philadelphia" :-(


Ann and I met at Churchills for lunch and a couple of cuppas ... we'll each have one of each other's artworks to keep which will be sooo nice ... !