Magical Connections

I've uploaded images of the two commissions just finished and delivered to the buyer. I LOVED doing them ... and plan to do more towards my first Solo Exhibtion ... !

You can see them here:  under the sub-gallery "Look to the Hills" or on my artist page on Facebook.

I meant to take a photo of the works up in the buyer's home ... but was dead tired and left with my camera still hanging over my shoulder, unused .... "get some rest Mellon" ... or better still, time for a holiday.

We're new 'old-friends' ... and seem to have an unbelievable synchronistic and magical connection. She'd be talking to someone about the art, and then gets an email from me and vice versa. 

On one occassion I'd literally just thought of her, mentioned her to my husband Patrick, and then within an hour bumped into her at a book launch (caught on camera by a journalist as in the photo insert)

Even how we came to meet was incredible: in 2007 she'd been given an article of my work featured in a magazine and kept track of me since. On the day she first mails me to make contact, I had been listening to the radio (which I seldom do) and hear this lady being interviewed about her clinic for epilepsy at Entabeni... and so when her email pops up in front of me I'm blown away coz I just heard her ... she was the lady on the radio!! 

We've had many more such synchronistic and magical moments in connecting. It's wonderful.