Treats that last a lifetime - 2016 Dec

The Buzzart Fair at the KZNSA Gallery is always a treat for me, both in exhibiting and selling my own work, and then in spoiling myself with treasures to enjoy in my home for a lifetime to come.  

This year I bought two Tricam Prints; a lovely mandala drawn by Nindya Tricam and a beautiful drawing of the Durban Station by Nikhil Tricam.  Look them up ... their works are wonderful.

You're bound to find a unique item, hand-crafted and local-to-Durban from the fair, so if you're in the area, stop by.

You'll experience a profound difference in living with origional, hand-crafted, made-with-heart works compared with the mass-produced same-old-same in all the super-commercial shops out there.

Transcend the Present I - Mixed Media on Board - 16x12cm - SOLD

Transcend the Present II - Mixed Media on Board - 16x12cm

Babylon Burning - 2015, April

It's always so nice to see my works in the buyer's home.  

I visited my good friend Maria's beautiful new space that overlooks the ocean with full length windows allowing such fantastic fresh light that creates a wonderful space for this red hot burning artwork called Babylon Burning.  


Conversations: Frogs n Bats n Things

For a previous exhibition, Joan Martin and I exchanged postcards.

The process was wonderful, and rewarding. I enjoyed discovering new ways of ‘making art’ within a process that although fun still had meaning and purpose.

We both felt we’d like to continue communicating creatively with a particular purpose through a process of exchange, but thought to do so this time by means of ‘assemblage’ works instead.

As with our postcards before, the only ‘rule’ was to respond and then that the work would be three-dimensional.

Joan started this new conversation.  You can see her work here.   She has used the carcass of a frog which I had found ‘preserved’ in my studio fan sometime back.

Perhaps because I have frequently used nails in my art before, I immediately responded to these in Joan’s piece.  I then also really loved the meaning of her work, that of the transient nature of our lives.

2015 is very much a year of transition for me in many respects and on many fronts, most especially that of my children ‘moving out of home’.

Like Joan’s frog lies in a halo of nails, suggesting hardship … my Mary-figure also has a halo of twelve nails and is embedded on a piece of wood previously rotting, now beautifully preserved in many layers of bonding formulae.

Like Joan used something that I had given her, I have used something that she has given me;  the long strips of text are from a poem titled “Bat” by DH Lawrence that Joan had discovered in her research for our last exhibition.  Significant is the theme that explores a “shifting in human consciousness”…. a transition, and then that of the juxtaposition of joy and fear.


Fotag - Friends of the Tathum Art Gallery

Each year, the Tathum Gallery hosts an event in November of

works donated by artists, which are auctioned to raise funds for the galleries purchase of new works.  This is the fourth year that I've enjoyed participating and in contributing in a small way along with other artists supporting art.. !

You can see the works that I donated here.

The works will be available for viewing from the 25th to the 30th November, when also the final auction will take place.

ToOn delivering my works to Maggie to get bundled off and sent to Pietermaritzburg, I was delighted to see that for a change WE MATCHED ... so we took a photo for fun.

Maggie has so many intersting nooks and crannies and interesting finds in her garden ... I regularly want to snap away and capture these images ....


Works for the NSA Shop


Every year the NSA Shop at the Kznsa Gallery hosts an exhibition of works produced on same-size blocks. They're fun and reasonable to purchase and make great gifts. Exhibit starts on the 13th November.


Hill Songs

Oil on Board

each18cm x 18cm


Fabulous Picture Show - donating works

FOTAG (The friends of the Tathum Art Gallery) will once again be hosting the Fabulous Picture Show and Auction in November this year.

Artists are asked to donate a maximum of three works each - restricted to A5 size. These are framed by Tathum and auctioned off to the public in order for the gallery to raise funds for the purchase of new artworks for the gallery.

Opens on Sunday 20th November 10h00 for placing bids.  The Grand Finale Art Auction will take place from18h00 on Friday 25th Nov 2011. 

Go along and support them !

These are the three works that I'll be donating this year: Sienna Skies SA I, II and III