Joan and My Exhibition - August 2014

Joan Martin and I have been working together since mid-2010 towards a concept for an exhibition. 

With our involvement in everyONEcounts and various other commitments, we have had to keep pushing back the date. 

We're thrilled to have now finally confirmed the date for August next year.  We can't wait to share some of our thoughts and perhaps just an image or two, but of course, we can't tell all now :-) 

Over the next few months, I hope to share just a few images and ideas with you. 

August seems forever away.


ps ... the image posted here has NOTHING to do with the exhibition ;-D



Yes we do have fun while we're at it !

Following on from our previous exhibitions at Fat Tuesday, we're scheduled to exhibit there again in June, 2013. This time we're fortunate to have Ana de Vlieg join us.

We meet regularly to discuss our work.

As four strong personalities, we have a lot of fun. We discuss - debate - deliberate - decide - deduce and well ... we drink. We drink copious cups of coffee, and when it's fitting we'll have a glass to celebrate the occasion.

We're using an interesting process for this exhibition ... but more of that later ... can't let the cat out the bag just yet ;-)


One not only needs 'balance' in composition!! Ana will go to any lengths it seems to get great pics ... and manages to do this with style all the same (how beautiful is her crochetedjacket).

Maggie needed a quiet place to read over the first draft of our exhibition statement. She found this great spot in Joan's office, in and alongside her fabulous classroom where we get to meet each month.  The view of Durban's Berea stretching towards the sea is spectacular.


Ana's always hard at work taking notes ... by hand or by apple :-)

So there you have it ... when we're not painting away in our studios, we're getting together where the cameras snap, the cuppa's are a-plentiful, the computers tick tick away and the whole thing of collaborating is  fabulously filled with friendship and the stuff that keeps us going. Joy, joy, joy !!!


Going Home ... memories of open fields

There is something about landscapes with horizons that seem endless; endless in hope and possibility, and in freedom.

I refer to the process of painting these as “resting in the landscape”. 

I have wonderful childhood memories of long solitary outrides on horseback alone and content, with the lands as much stretched before me as was hope.  In a sense there is a longing for these days, but not a melancholy.  Hope persists and freedom if not in open fields, is still within spirit. 

Click here to see new works

Lost, Found and Stolen - a few days till the opening

Hopefully you received the invite to attend the opening or to visit the exhibition ... if not, you can view it here.

Maggie, Joan and I meet regularly to discuss our works, Joan, Estelle, Jeanette and Maggiewhere we give feedback and generally edge each other on .... we're great friends, trust and respect each other and find the interactions extremely valuable.  

Last Saturday, in preparation for our next exhibit, Jeanette Gilks (who will be opening the exhibition), Estelle Hudson and Ana De Vlieg (who will both be doing walkabouts) joined us.

Their contributions, insights and comments were valuable, interesting and their energy, efforts and participation hugely appreciated. 

They're all artists who also teach or facilitate workshops and who are interested in the development of art ... Jeanette and Lara 

You can click here to read more about the day on Joan's blog.


Ana De Vlieg

Red Sky at Night

by the collaborative:  Sienna Sam

aka Joan Martin and Lara Mellon


Joan and I decided to enter this year's KZNSA member's exhibition as a collaborative:  Sienna Sam, derived from our beloved dog and cat respectively. If you know us, you'll know how moggy we each are over our 'babies'. 

I love the colour Sienna, hence why my Bullmastiff's named as such; use the colour in most my work, and of course Joan's Sam features in many of her paintings.  We like the combined meaning of the names too:

This year's theme was RED

We buckled down and worked like mad-crazy, and were delighted with the result.

For now, these are pics of work in progress, and then here you can see close up details of the work, as well as the explanation or statement of the work .... and in a few days time, I'll load an image of the final work.






Cool n Clever

Maggie, Joan and I will be exhibiting at Fat Tuesday in Kloof again, this May 2012.

We had a great meeting yesterday in Joan's fantastic COOL classroom where she teaches at Durban Girl's College. 

Besides being an outstanding artist, Joan is a brilliant teacher ... and that's not me being biased ... the results this year again are indicitive ... of her thirteen matrics who achieved a whopping NINE DISTINCTIONS, three 'Bs' ... a 'C' ... and four were in the top 1% of the national IEB.  Well done to you all.

An interesting connection is that Joan did her prac under Maggie's guidance as a student teacher.

Now, all these years later, we've all connected where we crit, conspire and create together.

Great times !!!