Yes we do have fun while we're at it !

Following on from our previous exhibitions at Fat Tuesday, we're scheduled to exhibit there again in June, 2013. This time we're fortunate to have Ana de Vlieg join us.

We meet regularly to discuss our work.

As four strong personalities, we have a lot of fun. We discuss - debate - deliberate - decide - deduce and well ... we drink. We drink copious cups of coffee, and when it's fitting we'll have a glass to celebrate the occasion.

We're using an interesting process for this exhibition ... but more of that later ... can't let the cat out the bag just yet ;-)


One not only needs 'balance' in composition!! Ana will go to any lengths it seems to get great pics ... and manages to do this with style all the same (how beautiful is her crochetedjacket).

Maggie needed a quiet place to read over the first draft of our exhibition statement. She found this great spot in Joan's office, in and alongside her fabulous classroom where we get to meet each month.  The view of Durban's Berea stretching towards the sea is spectacular.


Ana's always hard at work taking notes ... by hand or by apple :-)

So there you have it ... when we're not painting away in our studios, we're getting together where the cameras snap, the cuppa's are a-plentiful, the computers tick tick away and the whole thing of collaborating is  fabulously filled with friendship and the stuff that keeps us going. Joy, joy, joy !!!