Incognito In Ireland - 2019, June

My daughter Andrea relocated from South Africa to Dublin at the start of 2018.

Working for William Fry, the first CSR event that she volunteered to work at was Incognito 2018; a public art initiative in aid of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation.

The connection for Andrea and me was particularly special, where her involvement was integral in the 2010 and 2014 everyONEcounts projects, where we raised awareness through art for the plight of Abandoned Babies and then for that of Human Trafficking.

Andrea has her Masters in Law with her thesis presented on anti-Human Trafficking.  With a heart for social development and upliftment, she is also a creative and loves ‘the arts’ in all forms.

When she reminded me of this year’s Incognito, I gathered up a group of seven SA Artists who very willingly and lovingly contributed three artworks each, in a rather frenzied short space of time so that my son James could take the work with him on his flight to Dublin in January this year.

It was a great success in both Dublin and Cork.