Moving Through - 2019, August

I just came across this lovely image sent to me by a client who’d bought several of my works off the Trailing the Trappist exhibition. I’d intended to share it a while back, but with building and renovating, then moving house and my daughter’s wedding, I’d forgotten I guess. But timing is everything. Always.

I shared the image on Instagram and then on Facebook, and only just now seen the relevance for me.

The relevance in both the subject matter then; of doorways, gateways and paths … of moving through. And now of the wonderful relevance of these works in the context of this particular image. With the light on the images … that the wall is in a passage, a through-way …. and with stairs behind.

All these things point to moving through …

I’m currently working on a body of work that continues with this theme. And so. I am deeply encouraged. On I press. Moving through.