Finding Freedom


Ceramics Southern Africa Annual Regional Exhibition

at the KZNSA Gallery 2-21st July 2013


Along with my art-partner-friend Joan Martin, we were invited as contemporary visual artists to enter a bowl that had already been crafted by a ceramic artist, and to have it included in the exhibition.  We could decorate the bowl in any chosen medium, provided it was permanent.

It was an exciting challenge with lots and lots of interesting possibilites.

I hadn't anticipated how stretched I'd be with the timing of this and our exhibition at Fat Tuesday, but managed to get a nice result with copious amounts of coffee again. 

I titled the piece FINDING FREEDOM.  Within the bowl is a silhoutted figure holding on (and letting go) to strands 'tied' to butterflies that appear to be flying up up up into the sky.  Along the rim of the bowl I've inscribed the text ..... you gotta let go to be free to be free you gotta let go .....

I thorougly enjoyed the process ... especially once I realized I'd have the work finished in the nic-a-time :-)

The exhibition was opened by Jenny Stretton, Curator of Permanent Collections at the Durban Art Gallery.  Joan and I were delighted on arrival to find that our bowls had been hung right next to each other ..... and so to celebrate we enjoyed a glass-a-red and a delicish meal sered at the Art's Cafe. 


 Joan's bowl on the left is titled "Sewing the Nest"