Walkabout by Estelle Hudson

Tomorrow Saturday 26th - 10:30am ..... @ Fat Tuesday, Kloof 

Join us for the walkabout, see the works before they come down at 1pm  .... shop in Shannon's INCREDIBLE Fat Tuesday Shoppe and stay for a delictable snack and cuppa at Bellefue Cafe !!! :-)

We had fantastic feedback from those who attended Estelle's walkabout of our exhibition last year at Fat Tuesday, where everyone absolutely enjoyed and were informed by Estelle's remarkable insights.

A little bit about Estelle:  Estelle Hudson is a narrative and family therapist.

She conducts dream workshops for professionals, masters students and interested people. Her personal interests include feminist spirituality, drawing, painting and dream work.

Estelle and Maggie Strachan have conducted dream-painting workshops together for many years.

Estelle was also a painting student in Maggie’s studio and a student of drawing, printing and mixed-media with Jeanette Gilks.  She continues to work with the Garret Artists group.