Isn't it interesting how we inadvertently 'match' our surroundings.  


Sienna and I stopped in to visit Maggie and to see her latest, and very lovely large landscape paintings that she has been busy with after trips across all of KwaZulu-Natal countrysides.  Her work up on the wall in the background, her kaftan dress and Siennas coat all seemed to blend beautifully.


I fetched Joan to deliver our works to the Kznsa Gallery in January for the member's exhibit. Joan had wrapped her artwork in bright orange ... see how it matches her outfit.  My work was wrapped in vialene, the colour and texture was the same as the top I was wearing.



On Thursday, I visited my friend Ana to see her latest works. Amongst many delightful sights, I was especially drawn to and enjoyed this particular painting.  Ana's apron, her blouse and her hair was perfectly tuned into this fantastic painting of hers (and isn't the light streaming in exquisite!!!!).


Enjoying beautiful artworks, and being in the company of my friends is deeply enriching. xxx