Collaborating - Connecting - Creating

Four years ago Joan Martin and I decided to work together on a collaborative exhibition - now set for August 26 until September 14 at the KZNSA Gallery.

In the process of sharing our thoughts, and as a means of remaining 'connected' we decided to use the system of exchanging mail-art

Besides ensuring that we got to see each other regularly for quick cups of coffee as we delivered our latest piece, the process also documented our journey and thoughts towards our exhibition.  Each card received from the other required a response from the next and so on, and on and on we went.

The first card is dated 23rd October 2012.  To date we have over 40 cards between us.

We will share the images of these cards, as well as the script over the coming ten weeks leading up to our exhibition. 

You are welcome to login here from time to time to see the progression of the cards and our story.

Card 1:  Lara




23 October 2012

Hi Joan -I can't wait to begin our journey.  We've spoken about it for so long.  Here we are, at the edge of the forest.  I wonder what we'll find! A bit of magic I expect.  Love Lara   

Card 2: Joan



 Card 3: Lara




 1 November 2012 – Dear Joan,  Imagine you seeing an antelope when I recently have just finished a painting of a kudu J  The meaning of antelope in dreams is also very interesting.  Google it.  And how I love the idea of caves … lots of ideas spring to mind … and the magic continues.  Love Lara   

Card 4:  Joan

Card 5:  Lara

Card 6:  Joan


 Card 7:  Lara

28/11/2012 – Dearest Joan, The image of the dead bird reminded me of how much I love the idea that “all returns to the earth” … the FRAGILITY of thins is intriguing … and difficult to grasp too mind you.  The connection of the dead bird and dead or no longer used nest is also interesting.  Love Lara

Card 8:  Joan


Card 9:  Lara


Card 10:  Joan

 Card 11: Lara



Joan, the end of a line can be the beginning of another and then it can also just be the end.

Card 12:  Joan


 Card 13:  Lara


4 Oct 2013 – Dear Joan,  Its interesting how each artwork, or postcard or painting, or idea I have seems bent on being in forests … the over’leaf’ is a section from your previous postcard reused … and it looks to me to be that of a magical forest.  Love Lara

Card 14:  Joan

Card 15:  Lara


Dear Joan,  I found it interesting that the verse below referred to wolves, serpents and doves … (and to sheep) … although I can’t say that I’m keen to paint sheep … I count enough of them each night!  I’m sure we’d find lots of snakes, birds and the occasional wolf in our forests though … but sheep … not really! Loadsaluv, Lara

“ Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves, so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”  Matthew 10:16

Card 16:  Joan

Card 17:  Lara

 Card 18:  Joan

Card 19:  Lara

Dear Joan,  I was delighted to receive your last card with the rabbit … especially seeing that I’d just bought myself the little white rabbit, photographed overleaf … clearly we’re sync’d.  I hope we’re not stuck in the Matrix though.  Love Lara

Card 20:  Joan


 Card 21:  Lara

Card 22:  Joan


Card 23:  Lara

Dear Joan,  At this time of year, I’m very conscious of my need for rest … and am also very attached to my pillow …  I recently took a photo of Andrea asleep in and amongst her pillows, study books and teddy bears.  She too has hopes and dreams of which I’m deeply inter-connected.  Love Lara

 Card 24:  Joan


 Card 25:  Lara

13 December 2013 - Dear Joan,  The word friend along with ‘connection’ resonated for me in your last card.  Technology is great in many respects, but just like an artwork experienced ‘in the flesh’, nothing beats connecting in the real.  Love Lara

Card 26:  Joan


Card 27:  Lara

27th December 2013 – Dear Joan, Birds emerge from forests … perhaps to fly away or else simply to see things from afar!  Love Lara