I was recently introduced to Sktchy by my good friend Joan. This meant (amongst other valid reasons) that I needed to commit and buy an Apple I-Pad.

I'm loving the functionality and various apps ... including that of Sktchy, which I saw as a great opportunity to get drawing again ... I'm very rusty.

Sktchy makes photo sharing inspiring. Every day artists around the world create amazing portraits inspired by the photos on Sktchy. Drawings, paintings, sculptures -- you never know what your photo might inspire an artist to create.

If you’re an artist, Sktchy is a fun, new source of inspiration. Whether you’re drawing in your sketchbook, making art in your studio or just doodling on a scrap of paper, you can go to the Sktchy photo gallery to find a muse and spark your creativity.

When you share your portrait on Sktchy, the person who inspired it will get a notification, giving you a chance to make meaningful connections with other creative people around the world.