Red Sky at Night

by the collaborative:  Sienna Sam

aka Joan Martin and Lara Mellon


Joan and I decided to enter this year's KZNSA member's exhibition as a collaborative:  Sienna Sam, derived from our beloved dog and cat respectively. If you know us, you'll know how moggy we each are over our 'babies'. 

I love the colour Sienna, hence why my Bullmastiff's named as such; use the colour in most my work, and of course Joan's Sam features in many of her paintings.  We like the combined meaning of the names too:

This year's theme was RED

We buckled down and worked like mad-crazy, and were delighted with the result.

For now, these are pics of work in progress, and then here you can see close up details of the work, as well as the explanation or statement of the work .... and in a few days time, I'll load an image of the final work.