Mags n Joan ... mix n match

I'm lucky in having a diverse group of friends, all of whom are fabulous. Some are seriously left brained analytical knowledge workers and others are .... rather raucous right brainers ... and then there's a whole mix of delightful in-betweeners.  

Yesterday I had a visit from artist friends Maggie Strachan, whom I call 'Mags' (but whom we refer to as 'The Magster ... I'll tell you why later) and Joan Martin, whom I call 'Joannee' ... apparantly I'm priviledged to get away with calling her this :-)

They arrived for our monthly meet in preparation for our next exhibition a Fat Tuesday.  I was tickled-pink if you'll excuse the pun, to notice that they arrived 'matching' ... so, we had to do a quick foto-shoot before we could share-n-tell about our work ... :-) 

Joan's Outfits ... :-) Two weeks ago our friend's, Fred and Joan joined us for a braai and to watch the rugby (well, the boys watched and we spoke about an exhibition that we're working on together ... ahhh so keen to tell you all about it but in Joan's words "I can't tell you about it now or I'd have to kill you" ... :-)

But getting back to Joan's outfits ... they're always intriuging and beautiful ... I had to take this foto coz as she was walking towards me, I noticed how she matched her drink and my cushions ... !