Chocolate Cake and Bread-n-Butter pudding

As a child I spent tons of time at my grandparents home ... I adored them an

d loved being in their company. My gran always baked ... and as I was ther

e to help her, I learnt the love of baking ... and as much the love of tea-partying afterwards over cups a tea n coffe

e with a slice or two of something nice ;-)

My mom too baked ... and I have great memories of her and our neighbour Aunty Esther baking what seemed like 'thousands' of biscuits.

We recently renovated our kitchen and so with the beckoning of the fab new elec/gas oven, I'll be doing whole herds more baking ... lucky family of mine ... !

Week before last I baked a scrummy chocolate cake   ... one serving over tea and it was gone. 

... and then last week, I baked a Bread n Butter pud ... totally scrummy !