My Studio


Last week, I started photographing things that MAKE ME HAPPY ... there are sooooooo many ... too many to photograph, save, compress, edit and load up!! In the process though, I got to take pics of my studio ... and thought to share these online ... this is my little piece of heaven, my safe haven ... my place to retreat, recover, renew and re-energize myself before slogging away in the outside world ... I'm very, very, very happy when I'm in here !!

My beautiful Sienna ... my constant companion:
devoted and undemanding ... well, in a sense
... she does need to be kissed and hugged
and spoken to and told she's the most
beautiful Bullie there ever was,
MOST of the time :-)


So inviting ....

Sienna's water bowl ... handcrafted one of a kind of course.

A favourite spot in the chilly Durban winter.

Another wonderful piece of memory ... my grandparents dining room set ... I remember all our Christmases around the table with it's extention ... but remembered it as such a laaaarrrgge table ... :-) ... Also lots of fond memories sitting at the end drawing posters and horsey-pics.


This was my Grandfather's tool box. It was a dull brown ... I took the plunge and burnt off the paint, and sanded it a little. I'm rather chuffed with the result :-)



You can tell it's winter by all the 'comfort drinks' :-)

The leopard painting is a work-in-progress piece for a commission - not normally my style, but sometimes I relent ... not often though ;-)

Like my home, my studio's filled with happy family 'treasures'. Ontop of these artist boxes is my grand-father's old nail-box ... with exquisite beautiful vintage rulers ... I'll need to photo them so you can see what treasures they are.


My and Sienna's spot for breakfast and quiet-time.

I love the reflection in these cottage pane windows.

the little "prayer-bench" where I sometimes sits to think ;-/


Looking out from my back kitchen door ... waiting for the new herb and veggie garden to grow ... !!