The 2012 Sketchbook project ... with friends

Joan Martin, Ana de Vlieg and I, decided to join up together as we work on our sketchbooks for The 2012 Sketchbook project. 

It's very interesting to see how three artists who enjoy and appreciate each other's work can work so differently. 

Joan's working meticulously through her sketchbook where a story of her life is unfolding. Ana's just started but intends to sketch about her travels ... using beautiful colour and light no doubt ... while mine remains this otherworldly layering of images and textures and found-spaces which right now I've absolutely no idea how I'll pull together.

Joan and Ana's are neatly layed out and prepared ... and I'm fumbling along. Oh boy !! I do hope to finish it by the end of November before I go on December leave, when I intend to work up a storm in my studio with other things that need more time!! Can't wait.

Before we left for Ana's studio, Joan was waiting for me while I dried my mop of hair ... so, Sienna got a brush ... she adore's Joan!

Ana has an absolutely beautiful studio. I've posted a photo from earlier on in the week ... she's busy signing a painting ... a very special painting that guess who now has in her kitchen ... that's right ... me!! :-) My home is a wonderful space filled with warm sentiments, enhanced with incredible artworks from special artist friends.