Milktarts and More Paintings Finished

I've had a productive weekend

I finished five works for Art on the Way - an annual exhibition hosted by Angie Arbuthnot in Kloof: 5th and 6th November 2011.  I've uploaded the works for you to see. You can click here to go to the Works tab to see what I've done. 

And then I baked MILK TARTS.

My son James, who turns 18 on the 4th of January, came home from visiting friends.  When he saw them in the kitchen, he grabbed and hugged me like he'd just won a massive prize ... such a small way to make him so happy :-)

The gorgeous 'forest painting' is a recent gift from my friend Ana de Vlieg ... isn't is beautiful. I'm terribly spoilt.

You can get THE RECIPE here 



2 cups flour

½ cup sugar

1 egg

100g / 4TButter or margarine

2t BP



Cream butter and sugar

Add egg, then dry ingredients

Press thinly into pan

Bake 150’ – 180’ C for 15 to 20 min


1 litre milk

3T butter

1 cup flour

¼ t salt

¾ BP

3 eggs

1 cup sugar

1t vanilla



Bring milk and butter to boil

Mix dry ingredients to yellow of egg, little milk and vanilla essence

As milk boils, add mixture

Stir until thick and cooked

Beat egg white and fold in


Pour into baked crusts and sprinkle with cinnamon