My friend Fiona Veitch Smith ... The Crafty Writer

Fiona Veitch Smith - Author and scriptwriterEvery now and then, we get to brag a bit and why not ... life's too short. Fiona and I were at school together not that long ago ;-) ... yeah right ... and as feisty and determined as she was then, she is now.

Increasingly I admire those who are prepared to stand up for what they believe in, to say it like it is ... and so for me Journalists generally rank high on my love-list. Some are awful for sure ... but Fiona's awesome.

With technology being as amazing as it is, Fiona and I re-connected via SA Connect (in the days before Facebook). Fiona had moved to the UK and I'd moved to Durban ... both origionally from Springs ... yes, yes, that far-far-away place on the East Rand.

Anyhow, Fiona wrote two articles on me/art and an armed robbery we'd just experienced ... and I have to say that reading the articles in print was both pretty much weird and wonderful.

We also recollected stories of past, including how we both got totally ill on prefect's camp ... aaarrrgg ... who'd have thought I'd be saying "the good ol' days" ... :-)

Fiona too had just been acnowledged with a fabulous award (I forget which now) for a book she'd just published called Donovan's Rainbow.

She's since written and published many more books, written a whole whack of articles, stories, screenplays and stuff for the stage ... really, she's quite something.  She hosts a teaching site for writers called The Crafty Writer

So this wonderful woman, wife, mother, freelance journalist, editior, author, playwright, screenwriter and writing teacher is also my friend. Lucky me.

You can read more about Fiona and her books on her new site here

P.S.  Fiona asked me for a painting which I've not yet finished so guess where I'm off to after finishing this here blog ... :-)