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Studio Spring-Clean and Seeing

With a crazy year behind me, I finally got into my studio on the weekend ... and landed up doing an extra-super spring-clean.

My family tease me saying that I clean more than I paint/create ;-) but I think the line between the two's not that clear.  

As I re-arranged canvas, tidied tins of paint, lined up turps, thinners and linseed oil and sorted through drawers filled with an array of the things I delight in ... pins with shiny round heads, ancient nails inherited from Gramps, rusty bottle-tops, twigs-a-twisting, pressed leaves, used old postage stamps, stencils that outline things, pretty pens, waxy crayons, Willow Charcoal and sticks of incense of Sandalwood and Old White Musk .. I realized that far more was going on than a mere clean-n-tidy. 


I found myself re-acquainting with 'hidden-treasures' that had been put away for safe-keeping;  Forgotten feathers found still brightly coloured, I was remembering the importance of delighting in the simple things that make me happy.  Discovering a packet full of torn map pieces, I was determining that it was time for new direction.  And then seeing beautiful butterfly wings that had been tucked between the pages of my journal, I  thought …  it's time for new dreams and for looking forward, however fragile our futures sometime seem.


Special Delivery ...

Two of my artworks were sold to a buyer who bought the works for her sister's 50th, so I had a little fun wrapping them to make it a special delivery ... I love doing things like this and wish I had more time on my hands to make and to wrap and to give gifts like this ... :-) 


Barefoot Dancing in my Studio

After a looooooong day working .... one step into my studio and I'm happy. I light the incense, in this case MYSTIQUE (it's usually Sandalwood, but this smells pretty much the same) ... and I turn on the tunes. Tonight we're rockin to good ol' Creedence Clearwater Revival ... for whatever reason.  Pat's out practicing golf, Andrea's at lectures, James is chillin somewhere - who cares for supper ... I'm here and very happy :-) ... see more here!



Sortof-a-secret for now

Another New Year. Another new chapter in my work.


I can't tell you much about the work as it forms an integral basis to the exhibition that Joan and I are working towards for a joint exhibition at the start of 2013 .... suffice to tell you it's sold whilst still wet on the easel, to great new friends from Jhb. They had to leave it behind as it'll take a while to dry still ... and truth be told, I need to hang onto it for a while.

I can't even tell you the title ... that might give away what I'm up to ... ;-/ ... but I'm thrilled with the outcome. Love it ... and so, sharing it with you.

 "untitled" - Oil on Canvas - 40cm x 120cm - Sold




The Artist Way

Over the last 14 weeks, I facilitated Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" in my studio for a group of seven ladies.

We had a lot of fun together along the way to rediscovering, or discovering our creativity.

Last evening celebration .... !

Dawn Benyi, Yvonne Haswell, Linda Nicolin, Ma-Dawn Benyi, Karin Dankert

Mia: Jen Ducray (in London) and Nadine Paul